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Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms of your home to get the furniture absolutely right. When you think about how much time out of every day you spend in this room, it should be clear that you need the best quality bedroom furniture.

And while the bed is the most important item to get right to ensure a great night's sleep, there's a lot more to consider to create a welcoming and calming space.

To help you not only find the best-looking furniture but also the highest quality from American manufacturers, we've partnered with businesses that create the most amazing products.

Let me show you what they have to offer.

Our Great Selection Of Bedroom Furniture

Here is what we have to offer you in our collection.

Bedroom Sets

One of the best ways to create your dream bedroom is to take a look at our bedroom set collection. The advantage of investing in such a set is that every piece of furniture is designed and selected to match perfectly.

This saves you a lot of hassle of picking different items and then trying to see whether the color and visual details will perfectly match.

When you have furniture standing close to each other, like a dresser standing next to a nightstand and bed, then tying all the pieces visually together is vital to making bedrooms a calming environment.

All Sizes Of Beds

Your choice of bed has to account for the fact that it's always going to be a focal point, whether it's a master bedroom or guest bedroom.

And one mistake many people make is to only focus on the largest possible beds they can fit into a room. The problem with that approach is that once you add nightstands and other storage furniture like wardrobes, dressers, and other personal items, you could end up with very little space left.

To help you with a better selection of sizes, we have put together a great choice of beds, from small singles to Queen and California king-size beds.

And if you're stuck for lack of drawers or other storage space in your home, then looking at storage beds could be a great alternative.


Not everyone has the spare space for a guest bedroom at home, and that's when a daybed or sleeper sofa in a living room can become an excellent alternative to having extra beds.

What daybeds allow you to do is provide additional seating space during the day that you can then transform into a single or double bed for guests. The great thing is that the mattress quality of these types of beds has improved a lot, making them perfectly suitable for sleeping on for a longer-term as well.

Dressers And Chests

These are important features for any bedroom and not just because they provide plenty of storage. Whether you're decorating a kid's, guest, or master bedroom, you need to choose these carefully as they aren't just accent pieces for visual impact.

Having enough drawers to store clothes, toys, or blankets will ensure that the rest of the room won't end up completely cluttered. The more order you can achieve, the more calming your bedroom space will become.


Finding the perfect nightstand should not be purely functional to have easy access to your phone, charger, books, or lamps. Because your nightstand will be directly next to your bed, it's important to match it up from a color and design perspective.

While you can achieve a great visual impact by contrasting wooden nightstands with a metal frame bed, you have to be careful that they don't end up looking completely out of place.

That's why we provide our customers with a wide choice of bedroom sets that perfectly combine products for visual impact.


We always recommend buying a headboard with a bed as it ensures that you match up the right size and style for your bedrooms. Some of our most in-demand headboards come with padding and soft fabric material that provide enough support to relax in bed while sitting up and using the headboard as a backrest.

And we also provide a wide range of color choices to make sure that you get the right style to suit your overall bedroom color theme.

Providing You The Best Quality Bedroom Furniture

To make sure that all of our customers get the best possible quality, we have partnered with American manufacturers that make the highest quality bedroom furnishings.

Solid Hardwood Furniture

You have to be very careful when buying bedroom furnishing to ensure that you only consider buying solid hardwood products. Too many people end up buying cheap imported products that use pine or manufactured wood.

In some cases, they even laminate the softer wood to give it the visual effect of hardwood.

The unfortunate reality is that when you don't invest in hardwood furniture like oak, beech, ash, or maple, then you're significantly sacrificing durability. And that's why we only offer the best quality wood in our online store collection.

Sturdy Metal Bed Frames

The only other material than solid hardwood we consider for the beds in our store is a sturdy steel frame. Many other manufacturers compromise on the quality of the metal, but the result of this can be a gradually sagging frame that would make a bed very uncomfortable.

These metal frame beds are becoming a lot more popular as they can achieve a modern style. They also work exceptionally well for smaller bedrooms as they have less of an imposing visual impact.

Elegant Finishing Touches

The other thing you want to pay close attention to is the detailed design features. Whether you want a modern, simplistic style, or you're kitting out a rustic and classic guest room, it's all about the level of detail.

As a general rule of thumb, you should aim for limited details and clean, sleek lines if your goal is to achieve a modern look. But for a classic and rustic interior design, you want to look for detailed wood carvings and elegant handles on dressers and drawers to make the furniture stand out as much as possible.

Bedroom Furniture Made In America

Here at Furniture USA, we have made it our top priority to bring you the highest quality bedroom furniture made by American companies in the USA. And to ensure that our customers receive superior products, we only partner with businesses that maximize the use of manual processes with skilled craftspeople.

As a result, you simply won't find any better quality furniture. And even when you consider the price difference to cheap imported furniture, the durability of our products will more than make up for it.

You also gain the satisfaction that you're supporting the American economy, jobs, and families.

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Make your bedroom a restful retreat and browse through our bedroom furniture collection for the perfect solution. We have a great selection of pre-arranged sets that make it incredibly easy to give you the inspiration for creating amazing room decor.

All of our products come from American manufacturers to bring you the highest possible quality.

And if you have any questions about the individual products, then feel free to reach out to our customer service team.

We look forward to hearing from you.